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Outboard or Inboard do it yourself kit 3 year warranty. Suitable for all types of Canoes- Kayaks –tender for yachts and all small watercraft including model boats and suitable for remote controlling

Included in prop kit:
  • Three large spacers
  • Six drive inserts
  • One Allen key
  • Instruction book
MARITIME SERVICES -N.S.W. have inspected this unit and would like to advise anyone buying the whippella to fit internally into a craft to visit their website with (red x) for exhausting and ventilation specs.
The Whippella prop unit is an adaptor allowing a second use of a w/snipper straight or bent shaft. Total packaged weight of prop unit is less than 1 kilogram! Easily fitted in a couple of minutes offering the user a very lightweight outboard or inboard motor suitable for all small watercraft e.g. Sailing craft-recreation-canoes and kayaks sit on or sit in type and can be fitted to almost any craft can be mounted on the sides- back or front or through a craft mounted for shallow water they will not throw water up and over the user if the craft will float this prop unit will propel it. Also used on farm mixing chemicals cleaning swimming pools Mining etc.etc 2 minutes back to cutting grass Because of its lightweight it’s suitable for model craft and offers the user complete safety
Improvements to this unit
Now Made of cast ALUMINIUM The unit will fit all straight shaft and the better quality bent shaft w/snippers on to-days market and will spin L or R L/hand props available on request No seals needed to be fitted into your w/snipper tube Less than half the weight of the previous model makes it ideal for model craft Not recommended for half crank motors & units with pop riveted ends fitted. Also available is a Whippella transom mount and is sold as a separate unit. Not recommended for flexi-shaft whipper snipper/ Brushcutter. Colours will vary.
It is the users responsibility to ensure the prop unit is fitted correctly to ensure water does not enter the whipper snipper/ brushcutter drive shaft

Contacts: Bobby Allen
Email: whippella@bigpond.com
Phone/fax: (61) 02 4324 9536
Ah… what a day… the sun in your face… the wind on your back… and a weedwacker under your arm….
Capt. Colin Cooke
Yonkers, New York
“I don’t know what I would do without it. Such a great piece of workmanship. Has got me out of some tidal and wind jams.”
“I have to tell you that piece of machinery is a workhorse and a life saver.”
The other day I was running against a 12 knot wind and a 4 knot current but made it safely into long island sound
And away on the wind
“Love my Whippella”

Some mounting ideas

Fitted to 3 hp
and goes hard.
Pictures are only to give ideas on the setup of the whippella.
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